Monday, 17 August 2009


The maternal parental unit (yes, tongue in cheek) looked after the kids for me when I went to work today. When I got back they were all jumping about telling me how many blackberries there were on the way to the park, and how many were eaten, including by Tyran the fussy! So I suggested we go blackberry picking.

Yes, I stuck my arm in a load of stinging nettles because I just didn't see them. Clearly I was looking with my stomach and not with my eyes! Yes, there were loads of bees and I had no piriton with me; and yes, there were spiders galore (why do they have to make their homes there?), but we picked loads and ate loads a good time was had by all.

I really didn't feel like cooking when we got home. At least, I didn't feel like cooking the food everyone else likes, and the food I like no-one else will eat, so I suggested crumpets with blackberry sauce/jam/made up stuff and cream. A resounding YES from everyone and off I went to make them. Can I just point out now that they were exceedingly healthy and exceedingly good. Well, unless you consider the cream, but I'm not considering it, so on with the description of the fantastic nurtrional value of my crumpets... no fat, no sugar, I used wholemeal flour, semi-skimmed milk, and xylitol instead of sugar. And they tasted delicious. Ok, so I wrecked it all in the end by lobbing half a pot of double cream all over them, but the intention was there!

Please note the LARGE photo for showing off my crumpets!

We decided to eat outside, partly because it's a lovely evening, partly because I didn't fancy the idea of permanently purple dining room floor and table. Hayley was stripped because she was wearing a mostly white dress, and out we all went. It was slightly ruined by the wasps that appeared, but improved again by Tyran yelling "Raid, raid!" Cue much confusion about shelters and bombs. As it turned out, he was referring to the spray that Anthony bought to kill the wasps after he got stung 3 times yesterday. (On that note, Anthony has been working really hard recently and we've hardly seen him. We've been out 2 consecutive weekends with him and taken picnics, which is, admittedly, an open invitation to a wasp and bee party. Last week he got stung by a bee, this week a wasp - 3 times. He's not a happy camper!!)

Please note the "I can't believe I'm eating something I picked" expression on Marjorie's face:

This from a woman who lived on a farm... She maintains it's different though.

Eventually we gave up on the Raid because I have issues with it being sprayed near food, so we went back inside. By then everyone had finished eating anyway, except for Hayley, who decided that her capacity for eating blackberry crumpets with cream is boundless.

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