Friday, 24 July 2009

The Roald Dahl Exhibit

I'm playing catch up, I know, but I couldn't not mention this.

A few weeks ago (or perhaps over a month ago now, I've lost track of time and various other things) we were supposed to be meeting up with our second cousin Aunty Cathy in London. She'd been asking about meeting up when she was over on holiday and I'd spent a lot of time rearranging things to try to fit in with what she wanted, and finally managed to squeeze in a time, though it involved a lot of rushing around. So Tyran arrived home from French one Saturday, I bundled the kids into the car with sandwiches to eat on the way to the station, we ran for our tickets, ran for our train, and as it was pulling out of the station my phone beeped with a message saying that actually they'd decided to go somewhere for lunch instead and wouldn't be meeting up with us after all. Furious? Me? You bet I was!

There was no point getting off at the next stop and going home again, so I decided we'd go to a museum instead. The Museum of childhood in Bethnal Green in a favourite of mine, partly because it's a very nostalgic experience (they have a display of Playmobil cowboys and indians that our cousin had when we were growing up that I lusted after for years!), and partly because it's never as busy as the other London museums. The kids love it too for all the interactive things there - not least a large dressing up box!

There was a Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake exhibition upstairs that I dragged the kids into. It was AMAZING! Tyran is just getting into Roald Dahl now, so he recognised some of the things and was really excited about it. We saw the BFG - or his legs anyway - with all his magic potions. There were decals on the walls showing all the characters from various Roald Dahl books, with lots of information about why he wrote what he did, the origins of the story and the history of the Dahl/Blake partnership. It's not a very big display, but I fell in love with it and can't wait to go back.

We entered from one of two doors and it was only when I got to the end that I saw a teeny little "no photography sign". I did feel a twinge of guilt, but it didn't last long! So without further ado, the photos from that day:


Running away from The Enormous Crocodile

Reading The Enormous Crocodile

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

George's Marvellous Medicine

I can't wait to go back!

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