Sunday, 10 May 2009

Spots of a different kind.

I've finally got around to making a start on Hayley's summer dresses. This is the first of 5 I think. Depends if I run out of steam before I reach that number! The pattern is pretty easy to follow, but I have doubts about the way they've done the straps and how it would work best. So I've angled these a little for now, but may well unpick them when her back is turned (she's refusing to take the dress off now) and put them where the pattern says I should.

I didn't follow the pattern fully, but would I ever? I really love the split overskirt, much nicer that just a plain one on this dress I think. Different fabric will have a straight forward overskirt though. I think...

As ever, it was really hard to get Hayley to pose so I could get a decent photo. She hates posing for me. So instead I have to try the sneaky shots here and there while she did her best tp prove to me yet again that she's perfectly capable of climbing and jumping around in twirly dresses as she is in the shorts and trousers she refuses to wear.

On a different spot note, her chicken pox spots are on the way to disappearing completely. It's amazing how quickly they've healed, it's been less than a week since that first spot appeared. Most of the spots on her body have completely gone. Perhaps all that breastfeeding I did (and there a was a LOT!) helped heal her from the inside out too. Who knows!

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