Sunday, 26 April 2009

Heaven Farm revisited

Well I've heard great things about the bluebells at Heaven Farm so I thought that since the weather forecast for today was completely wrong and the sun was out, we'd take a look. I wasn't disappointed! It was breath-takingly beautiful and smelled heavenly. The kids loved it too, so much more than they did in the winter when there was just the normal old woods, which are beautiful on their own I have to say. I suspect the sun really helps though.

Anyway, we spent a good 3 hours there with the kids just running around, looking at flowers and fish and playing in the fields. And I spent a good three hours taking photos! Ok, it wasn't quite that bad, I put my camera away for a large part of the time. I felt a little inferior in the presence of some very serious photographers with their snazzy lenses and tripods and knowledge of what they're doing.

I did manage to get some beautiful photos of the kids, which is always a good thing.

Oh, and I hope you like my new page layout and picture.

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