Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Letter from Granny

Tyran and Hayley each received a letter from Granny today, which caused much excitement. And how lovely that Tyran can read his all on his own so beautifully! The sound isn't great because I'm having a lot of trouble with my laptop, which is close to be hurled out of the window. It won't read the card from my camera so I can't use the video off that and the webcam isn't the best (trouble with that too!). But you get the gist of it. He was very keen to perform for the camera, if only for the pleasure of watching himself. We'd had a couple of test recordings where all he did was jump up and dowm and pull silly faces, which amused him no end when we played it back. Frankly I'm a little surprised he managed to sit and read that letter.


  1. oh that was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes. Its amazing that a simple letter can bring so much excitement!

  2. Tyran's granny writes letters just like my granny did!!

  3. So true! It was the first thing I thought when I read Hayley's letter to her.