Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ice and illness

Yet another freezing night (this is not newsworthy as it happens), but this time Tyran was home to crack the ice on the sandpit and have a good old munch of it.

No idea what's wrong with the poor child, other than he may well have picked up yet another nasty tummy thing. Friday night was hell, to say the least. He was in agony and I spent most of the night with him wondering how much longer I could put off the A&E trip. As it happened, he made a pretty miraculous recovery. Anyway, last night he was writhing about in his sleep, whimpering and moaning and kept waking. Then in the early hours the frequent and rather numerous loo trips started. Needless to say, he couldn't go to school, so we had a day at home, baking, vegging out and being very irritable with each other - Tyran and me because we're shattered after such a broken night and Hayley because her world had been tipped off its usual course and she hates that.

Anyway, the kids spent a good while outside playing with the ice. Eating it, chucking it around and smashing it to make it look like broken glass, sliding on it, and getting very cold hands! They had fun though and I had oooooh, maybe 10 minutes of not hearing the word 'mummy' spoken.

Tyran can't go to school tomorrow either. He'll probably go to Sue's house, though the way I feel he may well be home with me. I'm not sick, but I'm stressed and irritable and not coping with the pressures (not the physical ones) of work at all this week. We'll see....

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