Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cake update

I finally got Hook's body done, though it's still all in bits for a few days while it dries. Michael is all done(and ever so cute!); his head just needs to be glued onto his body once it's dry. Wendy and John have heads, but no bodies at all and Tinkerbell is done, minus her wings, which are still drying. I've enjoyed doing all of it except that bloody Tinkerbell. She's far too small and dainty for my fat, stubby fingers, so I struggled. I mostly used tweezers and toothpicks to assemble her, but the minute I had to hold her I managed to break something. There is no way she'll be redone though.

Michael. I'm very pleased with him. He even had a pocket on his bum. I remember being so pleased when I found a babygro in that style for Tyran because it's so adorable.

I've managed to get various other bits and pieces done - John's head, Wendy's head, all the bits and pieces for Hook's body. They're drying and waiting to be assembled.

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