Tuesday, 2 December 2008

It was going to happen eventually

Well this is it. I've succumbed and decided, admittedly when I was almost elbow deep in hot soapy water after spending the early afternoon baking biscuits while cleaning the oven (don't ask!), that this could be a fantastic way to waste a little time while still appearing to be productive. The point is that I should be and could be doing, one of at least a dozen other things that need to be done. Housework, schoolwork, sewing, knitting, parenting! Right now, I think I'd rather be blogging. Ok, so I'm trying not to think that this is one of millions of blogs floating about the Internet, never to be read or noticed by anyone and that this is just another trend, albeit it one I've come to rather late, along with having hundreds of photos on picture hosting sites (which I do have!) that never get looked at by anyone, but which are fantastic for inserting into posts on various forums.

No, this is about keeping family and friends up to date with what's going on in my life and with the kids. I'm terrible at keeping in touch via email. If I don't reply immediately, it's likely I'll never reply, unless I'm nagged, whereupon I'll bash out a hasty and rather abrupt reply that would have been better never going out at all.

So here we are and this is it. I'll use it for photos of the kids, any crafty bits I happen to get done when I'm not wasting my precious time on picture hosting sites or here, and for general newsy bits about us. Who knows, it might prove to be really popular..... with family at least!

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