Sunday, 7 December 2008

First bits of Christmas

Tyran and Hayley got a parcel in the post yesterday from Granny. It contained snowballs, which are exactly like the candy coated Easter Eggs, only round, and 4 presents for each of them. They couldn't contain themselves, so after a little chat with Granny, we decided they could open 2 presents each.
Tyran was thrilled with his new clothes, but even more thrilled with his Lego!
Hayley was so pleased with her new shoes and some Lego, once she'd got over the initial confusion about new dolls in every present she gets!

Once all that excitement was over we went up to town for the Christmas fair. The high street was closed to allow space for rides and stalls. We spent a ridiculous amount of money indulging Hayley's need for adrenaline boosts! Poor Tyran wasn't so keen on the more adventurous rides, but wasn't going to lose face when his little sister was jumping up and down so excitedly about them all, so went on them anyway - and loved them! I suppose sometimes a little competition and peer pressure of sorts can be healthy.

Jasmine, however, was not going to bow to any sort of pressure to go on any rides, so kept her feet firmly on the ground and munched away at her Nutella filled pancake.

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  1. I am so glad that you have this blog because I can now keep up with what is going on. Glad the kids liked their presents. I was quite surprised to find a lego knight - thought it might be a bit complicated but forgot you have clever kids ....